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Just Breathe...It's that simple.

Life can get complex and overwhelming at times…
between work, taking care of ourselves, raising our kids, managing our homes, and having time to pursue our passions, many of us can and do experience high levels of stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

I think we can all agree that during times of stress we often forget to breathe or tend to hold our breath which can cause our bodies to become even more anxiety ridden.

I think we can also agree that our breath is the one thing that within 2 minutes of not having could mean the difference between life and death. So we could even go as far to say that our breath is the foundation of our life here. It is our connection to life itself.

And I am certain that we all can agree that at times taking a step back literally to… Just Breathe can make all the difference.

Becoming mindful of your breath can cause an immediate shift in how you perceive, react to and live your life. By allowing your body, especially your brain to receive what it needs to function optimally, you will alleviate enough stress and anxiety from your system to allow you to find simple, creative solutions to most of life’s stresses, in a matter of minutes.

Breath is Life.
Without Breath there is no life.

Such a simple concept and reality, yet we put so little focus on it… So little focus in fact that well over 80% of the population breathes into about 15% of their bodies. Not exactly a high number if you are looking to attain optimal health.

Stress and fear are the two main factors that will cause someone to hold their breath. And doctors are reporting more frequently that stress is a large contributing factor to illness and disease.

Is it any wonder that with the stress that many of us feel on the inside that so many people are holding their breath? After all it’s a natural reaction to stress or fear.

Did you know that there are certain unconscious habitual ways that you breathe which will cause your body to shut down and function at less than optimal levels and can actually compromise your health? And that just by changing your breathing pattern you can restore your health.

Often times experiencing a trauma of any kind, physical, emotional or psychological can cause you to unconsciously “shut down” or limit your breathing to certain areas of your body. Most people get used to either forgetting to breathe or breathing in a very shallow manner.

Becoming aware of these inner spaces and then moving your breath fully through them allows you to clear up and open these areas up to their full potential once again.

Great News!!!

Breathing is a dynamic process that allows for the reversing of conditions thought to be irreversible.

Reversible means a dynamic process in which things can be reversed.

Just because someone may tell you something is irreversible does not mean its true for you. It means that they may not know of any way to reverse it for them.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t know of a way to reverse things for you.

Take a quick and simple breathing test.

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