Who is Alecia Evans?

Alecia Evans

Over my 14 years as a Fitness Trainer and Wellness Consultant I have found nothing more consistently effective and simple than proper breathing to assist people in transforming their lives.

I am an ACSM and AFAA Certified Fitness Trainer, Breathing Coach. Intuitive Guidance Counselor, Wellness Coach, Author, Director, Host, Lecturer, Animal Communicator and Healer.

Over the past 15 years I have experienced the power and beauty of the body and mind to heal itself by remembering its connection with spirit . I have spent years of study in the areas of: Wu Ming Qi Gong, Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Breath Work, Reiki, Somatic Bodywork and Psychology, Nutrition, Fitness Training, Metaphysical Studies, Animal Communication and Healing. The one common thread that I have found that runs through them all is the healing power of the breath.

My years of work as an ACSM and AFAA certified Fitness Trainer in New York City and Aspen, CO provided me with a formal understanding of the body’s physiology, while my studies of Qi Gong, Traditional Chinese Medicine and energy work provided me with a deeper understanding of the nature of what is available to us to heal ourselves that we cannot yet see but can feel and tap into.

I have found that proper breathing is essential to life. When our breath is out of balance our life is out of balance in some way. By learning to breathe efficiently we can clear most health related issues on our own, in the comfort of our own home, our car or even our space at work. I developed The Just Breathe Technique as a simple, easy to use, way to assist others in reawakening their natural breathing patterns. When you are breathing right you feel good.

As an Intuitive Counselor, I assist people through a variety of issues by helping them get tuned back in to their breath and strengthen their connection to their own intuition and highest knowing. By helping clients reframe their current “life challenge or crisis” I offer them another perspective from which to view their current circumstances in order to grasp the unique opportunity or gift of growth available to them in the present moment and through their current situation. The breath is simply the vehicle that takes them there.

I look forward to assisting you in living your healthiest life!

- Alecia Evans

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