Side Effects of using The Just Breathe Technique may include:

  1. more energy
  2. more joy
  3. a better body
  4. more income
  5. better relationships
  6. more peace
  7. improved sexual function
  8. healing of an illness or dis-ease
  9. improved sports performance
  10. a better golf score
  11. clearer communication
  12. more patience
  13. a greater level of focus and concentration
  14. improved sleep
  15. lower cholesterol
  16. younger looking skin
  17. a relief from depression, stress or anxiety
  18. your heart may open to joy
  19. smileitis- you may be afflicted with smiling more

What some of my clients say:

“I am writing to let you know how much your Just Breathe Workshops have assisted me to learn how to relax into my power. Your breathing techniques have really come in handy whenever stress creeps into my world. By just using the Just Breath techniques I can let go of the stress almost immediately. Thank you so much, your guidance has made a real difference in my life.”S.H., Aspen, CO

“The Just Breathe Technique has already helped. For years I've been clenching my teeth while sleeping and have to wear a mouth guard at night. Well, this past week, I've noticed that I haven't been clenching and I only hope it will continue that way. Though I've been breathing from the belly first for the longest time, I've felt that I wasn't going deep enough. Now I have this perception of pulling the breath into my arms and legs and when I do that, it straightens my spine and brings the air up to my pineal gland. The desire to expand it and increase my intuition is the impetus I need to keep it up. Thanks so much, again.”B.P., NYC

“I had known Alecia for about a year when she told me about her Just Breathe Technique seminar. At the time I was taking on a lot that I shouldn't have with my parents divorce. Lots of crying, lots of anger and “WHY??!!” I came out of the seminar feeling like a boulder had been lifted off my heart and soul. I’m much happier and content now that I have found a way to be in a neutral space with others, not taking on their stuff and holding onto their negative feelings like I used to. The breathing has helped me calm down much faster if a tough situation comes up.”MP, Basalt, CO

I am so confident in the results from The Just Breathe Technique, I even offer a guarantee!

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