The Just Breathe Technique Coaching Sessions

Clearing Emotional Blocks, Habits and Patterns

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It has been said: …“All that we need to know is contained within”.

If this is true then all you ever need to know to …“Unfold Your Own Myth” is a way to gain access to your subconscious memory in a conscious manner.

The Just Breathe Technique Coaching Sessions are designed to assist you in clearing old emotional blocks, habits and patterns. I will guide you through a unique and personalized process of inner discovery, tracing the roadmap of blocked energy in your body in order to release limiting beliefs and patterns at their root.

Journey on a path of re-connecting with your own highest source of awareness and intuition, ultimately putting you in direct access with your unlimited potential and power.

Rather than healing clients I teach you the art of healing yourself. I support you in becoming your own master and owning your own power.

Each coaching session provides you with an opportunity to gain greater insight, awareness, self-discovery, personal empowerment and an increased feeling of connection with and trusting of your own inner knowing, as well as a feeling of lightness at having put down a lot of old baggage.

Private Sessions Also Available for:

  • Teens
  • College Students
  • Athletes
  • Stress Reduction
  • Pain Management
  • Equestrians
  • Singers and Songwriters
Private Session Rates
1 SessionIncludes a 1 hour one-on-one private session w/ Alecia Evans $275.00 Buy 1 Session
5 SessionsIncludes 5 one-on-one private sessions w/ Alecia Evans $1250.00 save $125 Buy 5 Sessions
10 SessionsIncludes 10 one-on-one private sessions w/ Alecia Evans $2250.00 save $500 Buy 10 Sessions

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