The Just Breathe Technique

The Just Breathe Technique was developed by Alecia Evans, Professional Breathing Coach, to assist you in easily and instantly reconnecting with the most powerful and essential healing tool at your fingertips… your breath.

Your breath is THE SECRET KEY that will open the door to your unlimited and abundant health.

What makes The Just Breathe Technique unique is that its foundation is based on the ancient self healing practices of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. The intention of these internal martial arts disciplines is mastery of the breath which ultimately leads to mastery of the self. Without breath there is no life and efficient and sufficient breathing is what regulates the health and optimal functioning of the entire body.

The Just Breathe Technique will teach you to restore and rebalance your most natural breathing patterns which will help your body and mind function in more synchronized and harmonious ways.

The quality of your breath is a direct determinant of the quality of your health. Yet you rarely monitor your breathing patterns as the gateway to your health. The time has come to understand how breathing properly is a key to restoring and healing yourself everyday. Have you ever noticed how much calmer, more relaxed and open you feel even after taking even a few deep breaths? Did you realize that it was because you chose to become aware of breathing more fully and deeply that made all the difference?

“Mindful Breathing' is the key to longevity, control over and reversing of dis-ease, improved concentration and focus, improved sleep, improved sports performance, improved health, a slowing down of the aging process, a deep and genuine sense of peace and relaxation in the mind and body, and a loving and open heart.”

The Just Breathe Technique is a user friendly ‘foundational tool’ for Wellness that will teach you the “how to’s” of proper breathing for long lasting health, as well as a deeper understanding of the true nature of your body temple. Imagine the most powerful healing tool known to man has been right under your nose the whole time…The best part. It’s Free!

I am so confident in the results from The Just Breathe Technique, I even offer a guarantee!

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